Monday, August 31, 2009

Top of Utah Half Marathon

Here I come! Those last two miles were a butt kicker. Check out the guy behind me running that poor girl down.
Almost five minutes faster than my last one.

My big sis Daynia and her daughter Bailey. Their first half marathon. So proud! Bailey didn't train for this, what a trooper. She was hating life, but after a few Motrin and a bubble bath life was good again.
What a fun weekend. Carb loading dinner at my house friday night. Race and Zanders first soccer game followed by a fun BBQ with Zanes high school friends Saturday. Then down to my sisters for Sunday dinner with the fam. Lovin life!!


Anonymous said...

You look great Anali! Way to go on the time too! :)

Jamie said...

Hey Anali,
I found your blog on Zara's!
I want to run a marathon someday. Great job!